Online French courses

Learn French from home with Alliance Française de Durban

You want to learn French but during lockdown ? You tried all sorts of self-learning apps and websites without real progress? Our “Here & There” French course is for you!

Start your session at any moment and choose between communicative French aimed at everyday life, or corporate aimed courses via video conference with our teachers.

During lockdown, we are offering online tuition from Grade 8 (from 12 yo) for all levels, in groups or individual tuition.

Lessons are held on Zoom and all the course content and activities are accessible on Apolearn, our dedicated teaching platform.
Apolearn is easy to use (it looks similar to Facebook). It allows you to connect whenever you like to go through your French lessons and resources.
Your teacher will also use Apolearn to collect homework, or send you an audio or a video, etc.

Information & Subscription