Join the legendary Madala Kunene with Lerato Lichaba interpreting their artistry in ancestry through their guitars, featuring special guests whose narrative is based on the Makhweyana, Phumelele Bengu and Ntomb’Yelanga Nabalimi. They will be joined by vinyl DJ KBZL.

The Corners of Forgotten Theories Concert will take place at the Alliance Française de Durban on
Saturday 15th May 2021 at 18:00

In partnership with Alliance Française de Durban and sponsored by the National Arts Council.

Tickets available at the door. COVID-19 lockdown regulations apply.

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Mamodise Mailula – Producer

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The legendary Madala Kunene is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer and musical anthropologist whose native rhythms cross the musical lines between jazz and Zulu folk blues. Affectionately known as ‘Bafo’ – which means brother; his sound has become a staple diet on music stages across South Africa for well over five decades and his dexterity on the six string has earned him the title of “King Of The Zulu Guitar”.

His friend in music, Lerato Lichaba, is a self-taught guitarist, composer, arranger and founder of the prolific ensemble, Urban Village and non-profit creative hub, House of Kuumba. Lerato’s music style is inspired by his life experiences and how different cultures and traditions blend in the language of his music. It was only fitting that the two, who met through and worked together during the Forest Jam Groove Orchestra tour, have come to work together to continue crafting a new music language that will take listeners to a forgotten yet familiar place.

The purpose of Corners of Forgotten Theories (COFT) Concert Series, aims to advance our music language as South Africans. It is an introduction and invitation to reimagine our spiritual journey and calling as abantu. The music is a portal to our consciousness and makes reference to the passage of divinity – that we all have the power to reawaken and manifest.

Corners of Forgotten Theories is inspired by the scarcity of knowledge that defines us as an African people beyond our modern lifestyle. We are increasingly moving away from our identity and cultural dominion and thus not putting into place structures and platforms that complement our traditions and heritage. Corners of Forgotten Theories is thus a soundscape of musical freedom that aims to channel Africans as spiritual, emotional, compassionate and community-driven beings first.