©Jean-Pierre Bacri by Etienne Georges – NP – Sipa

Alliance Française de Durban pays a tribute to the late director and actor, Jean-Pierre Bacri.

French actor and movie director Jean-Pierre Bacri died of cancer in Paris on Monday, 18 January at the age of 69.

Bacri, whose career started in the 80s, delivered, along with Agnes Jaoui, his wife and lifelong friend, films and plays such as “The Taste of Others” and “Kitchen and Outbuildings,” which gained cult status in France. And he never stopped working. He was celebrated by many different generations of audiences and artists for his sharp humor, sense of observation and uncompromising integrity.

Bacri’s popularity could be observed through the success of most films he headlined. His most recent roles include “C’est la vie,” a 2017 comedy-drama directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, and “Place Publique,” which he co-wrote with Jaoui, who directed.

Together with Jaoui, Bacri created and often starred in films which explored human nature and relationships through dark humor.

Bacri excelled at playing deeply flawed, yet endearing characters that everyone could relate to. Bacri also starred in Alain Chabat’s “Didier,” which became a cult comedy and Alain Resnais’s musical “We Know the Song” which earned him a Cesar award for best supporting actor.

Bacri’s death has struck a chord in France with many filmmakers, actors, industry figures and even France’s president Emmanuel Macron paying him tribute.