Afro-Pop Artist Mashezee launches her highly anticipated debut album title Ekuqaleni at the Allaince Française of Durban.
Ekuqaleni is a long-awaited addition to the Afro-Pop space, as well as to anyone who loves great music. With its infectious beats, catchy melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, this album is destined to be a timeless classic.
The launch of Ekuqaleni promises a to be vibrant night of good music and entertainment.
Mashezee has been making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of African rhythms and contemporary Pop sounds. Her hit single Unothando has garnered widespread acclaim and have earned a dedicated following around the world.
“I’m so excited to finally perform this album live,” says Mashezee. “It’s been a long time in the making, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created. I hope that people will develop a deeper love and connection with the music.”